Is an EKG a good diagnosis tool for heart attack?

An EKG is ONE tool! First of all, if you are currently having symptoms of chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, indigestion, jaw pain or pain in the arms, stop reading and dial 911. An ekg is one piece of information. But certain blood tests look for chemicals produced by injured heart muscle, echocardiograms look for poor heart wall movement, and angiograms look for blockages in vessels. Lgromko.
Good, not complete. An ekg is a good diagnostic tool, but a more complete diagnosis would interpret the ekg along with results of blood tests and perhaps an echocardiogram.

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Just got EKG-showed heart attack! I'm in good health, exercise alot. Should I be having some discomfort if I had heart attack in past? One of your docs responded but did not answer my question.

Heart attack. Accuracy of diagnosing old heart attack in EKG is only 72%. Hence it is not 100% correct. In 30% of the diabetic patients heart attach is silent. They don't know that they had heart attack. You need further work-up to diagnose whether you had old heart attack or not. Consult your physician.
Not likely. Silent Mi is not uncommon and persistent pain would be unusual.

I had an EKG a week ago that looked good. Is it likely to have a heart attack after a recent clear ekg?

ECG. At age 28 it is not likely to have a heart attack, period. A normal ECG does not guarantee one won't sometime have a heart attack.
You are ok. You are too young to have anything wrong, but an ekg is not sufficient to exckude heart disease.

Just got EKG-showed heart attack! I'm in good health & exercise a lot. Should I be having some discomfort if I had a heart attack in the past?

Silent MI. A heart attack (myocardial infarction or MI) sometimes can occur without pain (silent MI). Your doctor can counsel you on maintaining your health and strategy to prevent a recurrence.

I'm 27 male and im super terrified of having a heart attack I weigh 190 when I lay in bed mt heart rate rides about 50-59 had ekg 10 year ago was good?

Why the fear? Dear ZachA, heart attacks in 27 year men are rare but they do happen and we can predict better if we get more information from you, like your family and personal history, smoking, height, etc. Consider doing a formal consult with internal Medicine or cardiology. I am sorry I cannot reassure you more.

What is the sensitivity of EKGs, echocardiograms, and cardiac MRIs for detecting previous heart attacks? Would a normal echocardiogram signal good prognosis in the event of a previous heart attack?

Yes. A normal Echo usually means the valves and pumping action of your heart is normal. However you would need a stress test and nuclear scan of your heart to see if the circulation in your heart is normal, and to see if you have any evidence of a heart attack. Good luck!
Depends. Depends on if you have had a full or partial thickness MI. A heart attack which damages the full thickness of the heart muscle is reliably seen on an ekg. An echo will show wall motion abnormalities with either type.
Very good. Cardiac MRI is the best test for detecting a previous heart attack. An echocardiogram is probably next, followed closely by ECG. All of these tests should be pretty good at picking up a MAJOR previous heart attack. A normal echocardiogram after a heart attack is indeed an excellent prognostic marker.
MI. In general a poor function on echo is a worse prognosis sign then a normal function on echo.

2 weeks ago had ekg, bloodwork, and u/s done for possible bloodclot. All came back good. My left arm is aching now. Heart attack?

Aching arm. You probably are not having a hear attack, but if you were checked out for possible blood clot check your left hand. If it is cold and feels numb go to the er asap. Or could the pain be due as a result of the blood draw. In any case because of your history get checked out.