Are there any symptoms that are indicative of vomiting? Besides a stomach ache and nausea?

Yes, there are. Other symptoms and signs of pending emesis (vomiting) are hyper salivation, sweating, heartburn, and/or a general feeling of ill being. Good luck.

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I had a stomach bug past 10 days. No nausea or vomiting just painful stomach aches. It's still continuing& have back aches at same time. What to do?

Need an exam. There are many causes of "stomach aches", Without knowing your medical history, nor being able to ask you questions or examine you, any suggestions would just be a guess. You need to see a physician for an exam if your problem continues. Don't try to diagnose yourself via the internet, you won't be able to. For patient information on abdominal pain see: http://bit. Ly/10RdXop.

Painful stomach aches, many bowel movements &cramping the past 3 days. I have a cough too but no nausea or vomiting. Is it a stomach bug of some sort?

Stomach bug. Try the BRAT diet. You can eat banana rice applesauce toast. See if you can hold down liquids first. Advance slowly. Sometimes it can last a while. So long as liquids are ok then you'll avoid dehydration. Over time if you do not feel any improvement then see your doctor. The cough could be the flu so if you are having fevers then see your doctor early. New treatment is antiviral medication.

How to treat stomach ache due to indigestion and bloated, nausea and vomiting?

Indigestion. There are many causes that can result in symptoms you describe. First thing you should try is an over the counter antacid or acid suppressant such as zantac (ranitidine). However, if the symptom persists, or progresses despite these measures, you should go see a doctor for a form evaluation.

Feeling nausea, weak and sometimes sweating cold, after an entire night with stomach ache and puking. How can I recover as fast as possible?

Depends. If it is food poisoning- once you get it out you will feel better. If it is a bug, could be a week. If it is a hangover - drink a lot of water and don't have alcohol for a few weeks. If it is something else- well, time. Keep hydrated. Walk a lot. Don't rush mother nature.

What would cause my 12 year old daughter to have constant stomach aches and nausea, she has been on some medication but the symptoms continue.

Stress. I assume you have tried medications for constipation and relfux (heart burn or gerd) and they have not helped. Please do not uderestimate that stress in her life is causing her to feel it in her abdomin. Explore bullying, friend troubles, early romantic relationships or even depression. While there are other more rare causes of abdomnal pain, emotional stress can cause all kinds of body pains.
Gastritis. Very common in teenagers. Anxiety, meds (motrin), wrong food choices-- spicy foods, chocolates, orange juice, greasy foods ------ can cause this. Treatment includes --- looking for cause like h pylori or above mentioned triggers.