Is it safe to cut a time release wellbutrin (bupropion) tablet in half?

Don't break these! The active medication is contained in a special coating that permits delayed release of the therapeutic ingredients into the patient. Breatking these tablets in half will release the active ingredient much faster than intended, probably bringing about unwanted side effects. Just not worth the gamble, especially when the generic form, buproprion, is safe, easily available, and better priced.
Not a good idea. Cutting it destroys the timed release factor. It's not a good idea for that reason and because the effect of the split medication acting like regular release welbutrin(buproprion) is unpredictable when one has taken the extended release form. As a general rule, extended release medication should be left intact and med changes done by the prescribing professional.
Wellbutrin (bupropion) Agree. Also, general rule : never split slow-release or extended-release or long-acting medications.
Slow release Wellbut. As a general rule, do not crush or break any slow-release or extended release medications.