Every day I have pain in my neck that eventually leads to my jaw, ear, and skull. Is this from a pinched nerve?

Probably not. The nerves that exit the cervical spine do not give any sensation to the face and therefore will not cause facial pain when irritated. The upper-most nerves do give some sensation to the back of the head, but irritation of those nerves is quite rare, and again, wouldn't refer any pain to the face region.
Vague. Hard to say without a thorough history and exam. Cause, frequency and severity very important.
Neck ; jaw pain. One possibility is tmd disorder, which is caused by chronic grinding and clenching the teeth, either at night during sleep, or during the day. If you have seen a medical doctor to rule out orthopedic problems and ear infections, see your dentist. Tmd can cause pain in the teeth, jaws, ears, neck, shoulders, and migraine headaches. It can also be related to sleep apnea.