After a baby is vaccine for whooping cough can they still catch it?

Yes but. The risk of dying from complications of whooping cough drop to near zero in an infant a few weeks after the first dose. After the primary series is completed, it is likely the kid would not be symptomatic enough to be tested. (they might have it) after many years, the risk of dying remains very low but as immunity decreases a kid can become symptomatic with a bronchitis & spread it to others.

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Can whooping cough vaccine affect my unborn baby?

No. This medication falls into category c which is reserved for meds that have no demonstrated effect on the unborn human fetus but not enough studies have been done to put it in a milder classification. Some practitioners prefer to wait until the second trimester or later for use out of an extra sense of caution. You have good protection developed & transferred some to baby when given before birth.
In a Positive Way. Other than perhaps transfering some passive immunity, there are no known negative fetal effects.

One of my friends has Whooping Cough, 4 girls spent the night in a tent. Will we catch it, even if we all have the vaccine like she did?

Pertussis. It all depends on how old you are, when you had your last immunization and when she got the disease in relation to when you were exposed. Usually in a situation like this if she has a positive nasal swab for pertussis or whopping cough, all of her contacts will be advised to be treated with antibiotics by the health department. Check with your doctor.