Which tnf inhibitor for RA has the least GI side effects?

Very few for all. My experience and the published literature on comparative side-effects say they are about the same and not very common. My bias is for Humira and against remicade (infliximab). As far as response and efficacy, most recent studies say that they are equivalant in rheumatoid arthritis.
ITS TRIAL AND ERROR. The most common side effects of these drugs are associated with upper respiratory infections, headaches, and injection site or infusion reactions. Because the drugs are given as a subcutaneous or intravenous injection, GI side effects are not common as the GI tract is bypassed. Btw, there are less common serious side effects including infections such as cellulitis, pneumonia, and uti's.

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What is the mean onset of action and peak time for therapeutic effects to relieve symptoms of RA with tnf inhibitors?

Several months! Results can occur quickly, but most say results can take several months to be fully realized. Remember, inflamed tissue within joints can take time to be resorbed! it also depends on the length of time you have had your rheumatoid arthritis, and also whether mechanical damage has occurred! Read more...
FEW WEEKS-6 MONTHS. Some patients respond within 1-2 weeks. Most by 3 months. However, a significant number of patients do not respond until 6 months on the drug. Read more...