How long can 6mp be taken for Crohn's disease?

Possibly for long. 6 mp can be used for long time as long as Crohn's is being controlled. Close observation for infection for infections and malignacies is recommended.
No limit. 6mp is a good drug to maintain remission of your crohn's disease. If it is working you can stay on it forever, in theory.

Related Questions

How long does Crohn's disease take to recover?

Life long disease. Crohn's is a life-long disease, but the symptoms do not have to be life-long. Many with crohn's are stable and without symptoms when treated with appropriate medications. Talk with your gastroenterologist about this condition and the treatment options.

What is the safest and most effective systemic medication that can be used for long periods to treat Crohn's disease?

Safe OR Effective? No drug is entirely safe, but you are correct in wanting to balance efficacy against safety. Biologics are unquestionably the most effective crohn's medication class, followed by immunomodulators & corticosteroids. Each of these has however significant associated safety concerns which can be minimized when used appropriately in a physician-monitored setting. Get a good GI doctor, & go from there!

Are food allergies linked to Crohn's or any other disease of long-term intestinal damage? Have many food allergies w/ intestinal symptoms.

'Food allergies' most "food allergies" are not true allergies, but food intolerances instead. Food allergies do not increase the risk of developing Crohn's disease. If you are having symptoms of not being able to tolerate certain foods and they have been attributed to food allergies, or if you've been diagnosed with Crohn's, you should consider seeing a gastroenterologist for further evaluation. Good luck.

How long does it take to recover from small bowel resection for Crohn's disease?

Weeks. 2-4 weeks out of work. 3 months for complete recovery.
A few weeks.... Depending on the type of surgery you had. Patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery have shorter stays and faster recoveries than those who have traditional open surgery. The average length of stay in the hospital ranges from 3-7 days. Factors such as overall health before the surgery, nutritional status and disease severity predict outcomes. The stronger you are going in the faster you recover!

16 year old with Crohn's disease, treated with estrogen patch for primary amenorrhea. How long before breast development and periods?

No first period? If the md has "worked up" the diagnosis and is using an adequate amount of estrogen in either pill or patch, then development should occur within six months and periods when Progesterone is added.

What kind or which type of antibiotics should be prohibited to be be taken by someone suffering from Crohn's disease?

No "prohibited" list. Your question is excellent but a tough one to answer, since it depends on the patient (allergies, other diseases one may have), the diagnosis (diarrhea, perforation), and the type of microbes that is suspected to cause the infection. In addition, the choice of abx is also affected by the drug that is being used to treat Crohn's. In complex cases, an infectious diseases specialist is consulted.