How do u know when ur ovulating?

Ovulation. There are several ways to know when you're ovulating: 1.Body awareness - many women experience watery mucus discharge several days prior to ovulation, 2. Urine testing for the lh surg occuring 24 hrs prior to ovulation. 3. Ovwatch which predicts ovualtion 5 days in advance.
Use an OPK kit. If you have regular cycles use an ovulation predictor kit (opk) - test between 10 am and noon, starting on day 10 of your cycle. The first morning urine is not accurate. Try the ovuquick brand (available online, get the 9 stick pack) if a drugstore test doesn't work for you. The day of a positive test and the next 2 days are your most fertile days. If you have irregular cycles see a rei specialist.