Could the florbetapir f18 injection for pet scan have any possible side effects?

Low Risk - Headache. Florbetapir f18 (trade name amyvid) is a new pet imaging agent that helps to diagnose alzheimer's disease. From the clinical trials, side effects (also called adverse reactions) were quite unusual, with no serious ones. The most common side effect was headache, occurring in 1.8% of the patients. Next was musculoskeletal pain (0.8%), followed by nausea and fatigue (each at 0.6%).
Adverse reactions. Adveres reactions encountered during clinical trials (n=496) include: headache (1.8%), musculoskeletal pain (0.8%), fatigue (0.6%), nausea (0.6%), and 0.4% for anxiety, back pain, increased blood pressure, claustrophobia, feeling cold, insomnia, neck pain.