Do you get boobs from drinking alcohol?

No. No...Unfortunately not. Some people report "bloating" but it is usually in their tummies :).
Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia (abnormal development of breast tissue) can occur in a variety of conditions including cirrhosis (severe liver disease), which can be a complication of excessive consumption of alcohol over a long period of time. Other causes include some medications (eg spironolactone), hyperthyroidism, some tumors, kidney disease, testosterone deficiency. Sometimes there is no identifiable cause.

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Is having chest and arm pain while drinking alcohol normal?

Duh... No . Alcohol can raise blood pressure. High BP can stress your heart. The most common reason for a 22 yo to have a BP problem is fibromuscular dysplasia. Next is a pheo or thyroid disease. Alcohol can cause problems with both . It is also a diuretic.....Usually this is not a problem in a young person. Something is up though...... See a doctor. Read more...

Hello Doctor! For the past 13 months that I was diagnosed of fatty liver, I still experience pains in my right chest. I hv quit drinking alcohol at same time and also exercising plus healthy feeding. The last time I carried out a Liver function was test was l

Congratulations! Stay sober, it will make a big difference - feel proud! Also, continue to have appropriate checkups and ask about the results, advice, expectations, etc. Depending on the level of prior damage, you may always need to be careful or you may be nearly fine. Find out. I hope you can enjoy a good life! Read more...

Does drinking alcohol effect your breast milk? Smoking as well

Yes for both. Start with smoking; an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, add 2-3x incerase in bronchitis& ear infections & other respiratory issues. Add decreased growth & exposure to nicotine in the milk alcohol decreases milk production & passes in small amounts to baby.Even small amounts are potentially toxic to babies growing brain.At least you are breast feeding, that's good. Read more...