Hello, could I still have rheumathoid or other type of arthritis if ana, anticcp, crp, esr, rheumathoid factor, hla-b27 antigen are all in range?

Sounds like. You had a fairly complete serologic work-up. With this information one would expect garden variety osteoarthritis as the cause of your joint issues -- more degenerative than inflammatory.
Yes but prob not RA. Osteoarthritis is more common than rheumatoid arthritis overall but not in younger people unless you've sustained trauma to your joints (prof football players can get osteoarthritis when still fairly young in 40's).Juvenile arthritis patients most often have completely normal labs. Adults with spodyloarthropathy and psoriatic arthritis can have normal labs.Mri with contrast is most sensitive test.

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Negative hla-b27 antigen. Normal cpk, esr. Crp 1.6. Ra neg. For 7 months stiff sore muscles in hips, shoulders back what could this be? Doctor not sure.

Age, side effects,,, This could be from just age effects on your muscles, especially if you've used them a lot during your lifetime for housework or in your work. You're on two medications for muscle relaxation that could have side effects invoking your nervous system and ultimately your muscles, and they might ache afterwards. You therefore might think of seeing your doctor to get off the meds (except nsaids). Read more...