Related Questions

Is it to have breast milk before pregnancy?

Breast milk. You may have galactorrhea which is due to elevated prolactin levels. See your gynecologist for consultation.

Doctors can you tell me when should you start producing breast milk in pregnancy?

After delivery. Most women will begin to produce colostrum during pregnancy. Some will notice the production of milk while pregnant, but most women begin to lactate about 48 to 72 hours after delivery.

What to do if I'm wondering if nephrocalcinosis can have any impact on your breast milk supply, or cause any complications in your pregnancy?

Should not. Nephrocalcinosis can be caused by a variety of things and is usually asymptomatic, chronic and slowly progressive. It is usually an incidental finding. There should be no impact on your breast milk supply. I would coordinate with your physician if you anticipate becoming pregnant.

After pregnency how to control over production of breast milk when pumping?

BREAST MILK. Your OB gives rx after delivery if you have no intention of breast feeding. Pumping breast for milk stimulates more milk production plus baby's feeding. To control breast milk after pumping is to limit the times of pumping to get milk or rest the breast. Side effect is engorgement and pain but will eventually dry up.

I am 24 week pregenency I have breast milk is a normal or not?

Breastm milk is norm. Prolactin is the hormone that stimulates breast milk production. Prolactin increases during pregnancy. It is normal for some women to begin producing breast milk early in pregnancy.

If I start using birth control for the first time can it mess up my breast milk?

More complicated. We generally recommend staying away from estrogen containing birth control methods. They do not harm the breastmilk but they will decrease the production. Non estrogen containing methods are better choices like the "mini" pill, depoprovera shot, implanon, Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud and paragard iud.