Fluconazole cured my first yeast infection. Then I got another one or it came back after my boyfriend fingered me. Why? We use condoms during sex.

Vaginal flora. The ph(acidity/alkalinity scale) is kept constant by "good bacteria"(doderlein's bacilli) at between 4.5 to 5.5. Mechanical manipulation/sex can change the ph as well as harsh soaps, douches & sex toys. Unclean hands can also contrubute. Local vaginal yeast rx's are more effective than systemic oral meds like Fluconazole that go all over the body before it makes it to the vagina.

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During sex milky white thin discharge, my bf fingered me and it was thick and clumpy on his finger. Is this a yeast infection or is it normal?

Too little info. You can best tell whether your discharge is normal for you. The amount and appearance of discharge vary widely with the menstural cycle and from woman to woman. Probably not abnormal if amount not unusal; no strong odor; if not colored (yellow, creamy, green etc) and doesn't stain underwear; and if no itching/irritation. If any of these, or in doubt, see your doctor. Better safe than sorry! Read more...