Concerned about adult adhd. Should talk to docor?

Absolutely. Adult adhd is an under diagnosed, under treated, misunderstood problem of significant concern. Please discuss your symptoms with your doctor. If you feel that your doctor brushed you off, check out chadd.Org or the nimh. Adults with adhd have disorganization, impulsivity, procrastination, poor social skills, poor work performance, financial mismanagement and drug/alcohol problems.
See primary. Your primary doctor is a good place to start. Neuropsychological testing is expensive and not needed in the diagnosis of Adult ADHD which is made by history and clinical examination. Generally, for Adult ADHD it is best to see a psychiatrist or psychologist, who has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. Many good books on the subject including my Complete Idiot's Guide to Adult ADHD.
Good idea. A mental health professional would be best. ADHD was diagnosed in children for years but today we know that many adults deal w/this also. There are many behavioral interventions. Medication may have a role but please don't use that only. Peace and good health.
Treat it! It could change your life if you talk to a doctor and properly treat add. You will be able to do things you have never done before, like reading an article and actually taking it in, getting better grades, become more ambitious, improve your reputation among friends when you return phone calls on time....And, likely, you will have a much happier romantic partner.
Yes. If you noticed it then may be it is significant enough. Depending on the effect of it on your daily activities and performance, for example if it is affecting your job or studies, you sure need help. There are meds for this with needed councelling.
Start consultation. Start with youi primary care doctor. there are many things that can cause symptoms of ADHD in adults. If nothing is noted, have neuropsychological testing done to understand the cause of your issues. Once you have this information, use it to determine what your next step should be, especially to a neurologist.