Is pvd an emergency? If you have symptoms. Can you wait for an appointment with your eye doctor or retina doctor?

PVD. Let's be clear that you mean posterior vitreous detachment'. Other branches of medicine use this abbreviation for other conditions. If you know you have a 'pvd' then it is not an emergency. However, 'floaters', and/or 'flashing lights', the symptoms suggesting a pvd, should be seen by an eye doctor within 24 hours. Beware vision decrease/defect = concern for retinal detachment = emergency.
Not usually. A posterior vitreous detachment is not an emergency unless there is an associated retinal tear or detachment. Best to be distinguished on exam. Any new onset of floaters, flashes, or shade/curtain over the vision should have an initial dilated exam and a followup retina specialist checkup.
PVD Emergency -No. A PVD or posterior vitreous detachment is a natural consequence of aging. When it occurs in someone suddenly and there are new floaters or flashes of light, we recommend a dilated exam of the retina. It is not because the floaters or flashes are dangerous, but because the PVD may also occur with retinal tears which can lead to retinal detachment. Most advise a retinal exam within a few days.
48 hours. You should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist within 48 hours of developing symptoms of a posterior vitreous detachment . The symptoms of PVD are flashing lights and new floaters .
Yes. See an eye doctor to make sure you do not have an associated retinal tear or detachment as this can rapidly lead to permanent blindness. Get a dilated retinal exam asap! if you do have this, a retinal specialist can help.
Maybe. I usually see these patients within 1-2 days. Better safe than sorry. If there is a retinal tear, it can be fixed quickly and easily if caught early. I fast track suspected tears to a retina doctor.