2 month old has diarreah frequent wiping caused redness and some bleeding on skin. Can I use neosporin and desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream)?

Desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) Throw away the neosporin: it often causes allergic reactions. No antibiotic should be used. Be very gentle.
Do not need . Antibiotics. Diarrhea cause the skin to be sensitive and irritated from the acid . Neutralize it with maalox suspension( this is an antacid taken orally) but in this case, i want you to apply it on the diaper areas where it is irritated. It will soothe the area and heals irritation in no time . Continue using your diaper rash cream/ ointment as usual. See md if with yeast infection. Need rx.
Desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) This is usually due to local irritation not infection, thus neosporin has no benefit can only act as a further irritant.

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9yr old son has had rash n cuts near anis. Have tried vasoline, neosporine, desitin, (zinc oxide diaper cream) hydrocortisone, preporationh, lotrimin. Nothing has worked. Help?

Rash. He needs to be evaluated by his pediatrician or family doctor. Instead of trying so many things see what is wrong. Read more...
Oral medication . Possible is needed a oral anti fungal . Lab test for ti check liver enzimes first. Some times before to recommended anything i will recommending to see a dermatology to found out more. I have many patients with similar problem and with lotrisome cream , plus salicilic can resolve with our to take anti fungal oral medication. Also check atopic dermatitis. . Read more...