Why should someone with bipolar disorder take a mood stabalyzer with an antidepressant?

Mania. Giving a bipolar patient only antidepressants could send him/her into manic episodes which has potentially serious consequences, including psychosis and severe risk-taking behavior. Major depressive episodes is a component of bipolar disease and you need antidepressants to treat for that, not just mood stabilizer.
Doesn't work. The largest study done by the nih actually showed that while most people did not get manias, the antidepressants did not help treat depressions in people with bipolar disorder any more than placebo. Also, some studies have shown that using antidepressants in people with bipolar disorder can lead to more mood episodes in the long run. This last concern is still controversial.

Related Questions

Does prescription sleeping aids counter act the effectiveness of mood stabilers and antidepressants prescribed for bipolar disorder?

No. Used correctly, prescription sleep aids support a person's sleep cycle, which is vital to stabilization of mood in bipolar disorder. The goal is to use sleep aids only as needed, and not to stay on them indefinitely. They do not counteract the effectiveness of mood stabilizers or antidepressants. However, use of alcohol and other drugs could possibly do this. Read more...

Bipolar disorder and is given antidepressants on their own (citalopram) what sort of effect is it going to have?

Developing story. Bipolar disorder guidelines advise to avoid treatment with antidepressants (alone or with a mood stabilizer) except for brief periods of time, as they are believed to worsen both course and severity of bipolar. However, a few studies over the past couple of years suggest that antidepressants alone may not have a harmful effect in bipolar type ii disorder. Read more...

Is it possible to take care of bipolar disorder without the use of anti-depressants?

Stabilizers 1st. Getting established on a mood-stabilizer first is the key. When your mood stabilizer is on board, a determination can be made by you and your provider if additional help is needed. Read more...