Mom just had hip surgery for labral tear, now has no feeling in left perineal area. Had an epidural.?

Nerve compression. Assuming hip arthroscopy--if so--we use a table to provide gentle traction to leg to put camera in hip. Pressure is placed in groin and foot is pulled in a ski boot. This sounds like pressure causing nerve to go to sleep in perineal region. These types of problems frequently resolve on their own. Suggest talking to your surgeon about it.
Pudendal nerve palsy. During surgery traction is applied to the leg using a pad placed in the periniem. The pressure causes the numbness. It is usually self limiting and normal sensation should return within 1-2 months.
? nerve injury ? Operations are always done around nerves. Blocks are often administered to relieve the operative pain. Depending on the timing, this could represent prolonged nerve block or nerve injury.
Not uncommon. About 5% of patients have transient numbness either on the top of the foot, the inner thigh, or the genitalia. This almost always (99%) resolves within 2-4 weeks. This comes from skin nerve irritation from the traction. Very rarely, the pudendal nerve can be injured and does not recover.
Numbness. This should be reported to the surgeon today, to obtain advice and information on what to do. There several possibilites.