What are the advantages & disadvantages of immediate vs. Delayed breast reconstruction?

See below. There is a tendency after healing from a major surgery to have a hard time motivating for further surgery and this may cause you to avoid or delay the reconstruction or extend your time recovering. While mastectomy is difficult no matter what, it is a signficant psychological benefit to recover from surgery with the first step of reconstruction already underway.
ImmediateVsDelayed. Immediate breast reconstruction is simultaneously done with mastectomy. It has longer surgery hours & recovery time. Delayed breast reconstruction is done few months or years after having mastectomy. Talk with your reconstructive surgeon to properly layout the best treatment plan for you & your condition. Read https://www.mwbreast.com/breast-reconstruction-timing-immediate-vs-delayed-infographic/
See list . Adv immediate/disadv delayed 1. More natural appearing as incisions are hidden better 2. Less overall surgeries 3. Ability to be truly skin sparing 4. Psychological as to not be flat disadv immediate/adv delayed 1. No permanent pathology so possibility of radiating reconstruction (poor aesthetic result) 2. If choosing microsurgery - overall can be 8-10 hours of surgery 3. Bad in smokers.
Ease, Thin Skin. Immediate breast reconstruction prevents you from having an additional trip to the or, going under anesthesia, etc. A breast which has just been removed is usually easier to reconstruct. However, it is possible for the general surgeon to leave very thin breast skin, and variable portions of it may not survive after reconstruction.
Only advantage of. Delay is if you don't know if you want rec. Adv of immediate: fewer operations, better physical and emotional outcome.
Options. Immediate reconstruction affords the ability to have cancer treatment and reconstruction at once but is also limited by somewhat longer surgery time. Delayed reconstruction affords the opportunity to allow healing, especially i'd you are concerned about thin tissue or comorbidities but it means another trip to the operating room and all the involved risks.