What is the recovery difference between a breast lift and augmentation?  

Similar recovery. The recovery time for a breast lift vs. A breast augmentation is similar. Both procedures require about 1 week off from work and at least four weeks off from aerobics.
Breast lift v Aug. Breast lifts generally require more and larger incisions than a breast augmentation. Wound tension should be avoided for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.
Lift vs. Large. The difference between the two surgeries can be summed up in one word - volume! with breast augmentation you are adding volume in the form of an implant. With a lift, it is the lack of volume that causes the skin to sag. A lift consists of tucking the skin so that the amount of skin is proportionate to the smaller volume. A lift improves shape; augmentation increases size and gives a small lift.
Similar. It is similar. 1-2 wks. If implants are put under the muscle there may be slightly more pain and longer recovery.
Similar. You can return to work in 3-7 days and return to low impact exercise almost immediately, high impact after about two weeks with a very good maximum support athletic bra.
The same. The same incisions are made for a full breast lift and a full reduction. The weight of the breast is against the inverteed t portion and blood flow is restricted at the closure points. Collagen maturation takes 90 days and this applies to all incisions, so be careful, eat well avoid tobacco products and caffiene. One month is good.
It depends. A breast lift can be performed with or without breast implants, and breast implants can be placed above or below your chest muscles. All of these things will affect recovery time. You must also consider the type of work and activities you think are normal. If your goal is a desk job, that will be different than if you work as a trainer. Speak honestly with your plastic surgeon and other patients.