Why is there a lot of negativity towards ssri's compared with other medications?

All antidepressants. Are involved. The " black box" warning is probably what you are referring to that warns of possible suicidal thinking when antidepressants are taken. Unfortunately it scares off people who need and could benefit from those medications. Medication to stop smoking also has tthe same warnings. In certain populations it has resulted in less use of those meds and subsequently increased suicide rates.
There should not be. In spite of black box warnings & extensive negative press, ssri's are safe treatments in depression, obsessive compulsive disorder & anxiety of all types. They are used in trichotillomania (hair pulling & cutting) & skin picking disorders. Severe anxiety responds well to a mix of cbt(cognitive behavioral therapy) and ssri's such as sertraline, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine & a tricyclic, clomipramine.
Media/self-image. I believe that there was a lot of negative press a few years ago, when certain celebrities aggressively campaigned against their use (remember the post-partum depression rant?). There is also a negative correlation for the patient - that they can't fix their problem on their own.