Is it bad to have a broad nasal bridge?

Mostly not an issue. The only problem with a broad nasal bridge is the style of eyeglasses needed for which this bridge can provide support. If the broad bridge is in harmony with your overall face, it can be quite appealing.

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I have a 1 month baby born with a prominent broad nasal bridge. Is there something to be done at this age for this craniofacial abnormality?

Not likely. So much can change yet that most plastic surgeons, even if they are used to working with kids, would not even consider working on this at this age. If it's not impairing function in any way, they won't do any type of surgery until the baby is at least 6 months, and more likely not until after 1 year of age. I recommend you take the same picture of the baby weekly so you can show the progression.
Craniofascial. Often this type of abnormality co-exists with other abnormalities, some of which may be more subtle and require additional investigation. If it is part of a bigger problem, then that problem needs to be identified and worked on. If it's a stand alone one, the best person to ask would be a craniofascial surgeon who can tell you what the options are based on the nature of the problem.
May be normal. We get so used to the way older kids and adults look that sometimes we are bothered by normal variations in a newborn. The midface begins to appear more narrow as the nose begins to grow forward in middle childhood. Infants tend to be flat faced and the nasal root can be broad and normal. Discuss this with you pediatrician. There are published standards for the normal variations of these features.