What is the cause of hypercalcemia?

Causes of Hypercal. Causes are divided into outpatients and in patients. In Outpatients the most common cause is Hyperparathyroidism. In inpatients, the most common cause is metastatic cancer to the bones. There are other causes such as medication, vitamin d overdose, etc.
Several. It could be increased usage of some medications like ca, vit d supplements, diuretics like hydrochlorothiazide. It can also be seen in some cancers or a condition of over activity of hyperparathyroid gland. Some conditions in the body can cause increased vit d activation.

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What are the causes of hypercalcemia in someone using milk of magnesium?

Many. None related to the mom. Have your doctor repeat the lab first, and if persistent have him/her check the most likely of the over 40 causes of persistent hypercalcemia. Read more...

What could cause hypekalemia, hypercalcemia, low vit d, low vit b, leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, neutrophilia?

No single cause. You have at least two serious health problems. An evidence-based physician needs to sort these out, starting with a decent history and physical with particular attention to your diet and paying attention to the actual lab values. Nobody here can do anything more than this. Read more...

What causes hypercalcemia in a diabetic patient?

Nothing directly. That would be a separate problem and can be caused by many things - hyperparathyroidism being the most common. Others include the use of thiazides (a type of water pill), sarcoidosis, excess vitamin d intake and certain cancers. Read more...