What brands of over-the-counter creams are most helpful, or most recommended by doctors, for dry skin eczema?

Ceramide creams. The molecular defect in eczema skin is in the proper generation of barriers. Ceramides are found to be deficient in eczema skin. In addition to topical steroids, i generally recommend applying a ceramide containing cream (cerave or cetaphil restoraderm) first, and then 'seal' it on top with a more moisturizing lotion such as eucerin original lotion, or aquaphor if you are very dry.
Depends. For true eczema, a steroid cream such as Cortaid 10 (hydrocortisone 1%) can be effective. Dryness, however, can be treated with multiple different creams. Eucerin and lubriderm are two effective emollients for dry skin conditions. I recommend wetting the skin first, patting it dry (but not completely dry), then putting on the eucerin or lubriderm. See you doctor, however, if not improving.

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I asked dr about bad cracking and bleeding dry skin - she thinks eczema. She prescribed me steroid cream. What are risks of using this? Side effects?

Well. Short-term steroid cream rarely have any side effects except if they're put on infected skin. The higher the strength the steroid cream the more likely to get the side effects of thinning of the skin hypopigmentation diabetes and osteoporosis. With typical use of steroid cream's serious side effects are rare ask your doctor for specific advice. Read more...