I am suffering severe rectal pain during my period, what could be wrong?

Maybe constipation. Rectal pain during your period is unusual. Many people do get constipated during their period, which could cause pain. You should discuss this with your doctor.
Endometriosis? If only during periods, this may represent rectal involvement with endometriosis. Often not the cause, so a thorough rectal exam to rule out other causes like hemorrhoids, anal fissures or just simple constipation ( common with menses!) is strongly encouraged, so see your doc!

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Suffering severe rectal pain only during periods?

See your Gyn. Any menstrual pain (separate from the uterus) can possibly be associated with endometriosis. A careful exam is needed and even a trial of medical treatment to eliminate your menstrual cycle to see if that alleviates your problem. If an endometrioma or lesion is found, this can usually be resected easily. Take care. Read more...