When undergoing chemoradiation for cervical cancer, is it a guarantee that I will lose all my hair?

No. It really depends on the type of chemotherapy, frequency of the chemotherapy. Patients can receive a lower dose of chemotherapy when undergoing radiation for cervical cancer, and often patients do not lose all their hair. Some patients still will lose their hair regardless of what an oncologist does. If this is a concern for you i would encourage a discussion with your oncology physician.
No. Not everyone loses their hair with cisplatin. You may get thinning. Hope this helps.

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Will I lose all my hair when undergoing chemoradiation for cervical cancer?

Depends. If your therapy is with radiation only, then most likely it will not affect the hair on your head. If the treatment includes systemic chemotherapy then it is more likely that you loose your hair temporarily. Read more...
Cervical cancer. The chemotherapy that is standardly used for cervix cancer stage ii-iva is cisplatin. This is given weekly with radiation. Your hair will thin out but should not fall out. Read more...