What is the prognosis of lung cancer? My father has a 3.5 inch mass on passage way of lung by aorta of heart but cancer hasn't spread yet.

Extremely serious. Even in your brief description, you mention 2 worrisome features: size and proximity to the aorta. It's beyond the scope of this forum to speculate on his prognosis, but i think you're aware that your father is in trouble. Talk with his oncologist. There are several types of lung cancer and some are more sensitive to chemotherapy or radiation. Best of luck.
Depends. The most important things survival factors are type of tumor, resectability, and stage. There are different types of lung ca with different responses to therapy. Even the generics of cancer can be important. Can the tumor be completely removed? This is a function of location and involved structures. Finally staging or if and where has it spread. No lymph node spread=good but mets to liver=bad.