Have been having acid indigestion. Is heartburn/acid caused by bacteria in the colon or stomach? Or some other cause?

Possible bacteria. Heartburn, or esophageal reflux disease, is caused by stomach acid irritating the esophagus. Ulcers, or erosion of the stomach lining, are caused by acid and a bacterial infection, helicobacter pylori. The bacteria is thought to weaken the acid-resistant stomach lining, and is usually treated with a combination of antibiotics and an acid reducing medication. See your doctor if you have symptoms.

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Abdominal pain, bloating and acid indigestion thought to be GERD now followed by constipation/fatigue/nausea - high fibre+omep/ran no effect, causes?

GI. Most common cause is often diet related, however once it gets to this point it is usually dysbiosis. Abnormal bacterial function. I often find patients with candida overgrowth, parasites, helicobacter or other infections when tested. Often when tested the patient has too little acid rather than too much acid in the stomach and digestive enzymes may help. Make sure you see a GI doctor to dx. Read more...