How do drs in the usa test for hyperglycimia (low blood sugar)?

Glucose oxidase. Blood glucose is generally measured by digesting glucose with the enzyme glucose oxidase that results in a color reaction. See this site for chemistry of this test. Http://www. Elmhurst. Edu/~chm/vchembook/548bloodglucose. Html by the way hyperglycemia is high glucose.

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Is there is diffrent between hypo/hyperglycemia and high /low blood sugar? Someone told there is special odor, is that right?

No special odor. Hi. hypo/hyperglycemia and high/low blood sugar are just different terms for the same thing. Glycemia = blood sugar, hypo = low, and hyper = high. You know your blood sugar by testing, not by smell. There is a smell that trained diabetic service dogs can distinguish, but not one we humans can. Control your diabetes tightly to prevent long term complications. Good luck!

Chronic mid back pain, worse after I eat, symptoms of hyperglycemia, but have always had low blood sugar. What could this be?

The pancreas. Is in the back of your abdomen, close to your spine. If you have sugar issues and back pain, my thoughts go to the pancreas first.