Uti concern, im a male, 20 yearw old, had UTI twice, should I get ready for more?

UTIs. Depends on what caused your previous uti's. It is necessary to search for the cause so it can be treated to prevent future attacks. As there are many causes of uti's it is wise to work with your physician{s} to obtain a complete evaluation and determine proper preventive treatment. Once you know the cause then you have a chance of preventing more problems.
Unusual - look into. Utis are unusual in 20-year-old men unless ur severely constipated or u have been instrumented or catheterized. Suggest you see a urologist + get checked out with a renal and bladder ultrasound +, in my opinion a voiding cysto-urethrogram (bladder xray) or cystoscopy. You may have an infectious bladder stone, urethral stricture or some type of bladder or urethral abnormality.Please have it checked.