What are the benefits of swimming in pregnancy?

Healthy exercise. Though some may want to become a couch potato during pregnancy, mild to moderate exercise has benefits. Mom can go through the process & recover faster. Swimming is a good exercise with limited pressure on your joints, which is helpful in later months.
Excellent. Low stress exercise with plenty of support from the water. So much less stress on the body because you are floating, and the water can be very therapeutic and peaceful.Not sure about the neat sounds coming through the water and their impact on the baby -- likely very nice. Keeps you heart rate up and great circulation -- all good. No swelling of ankles due to gravity and poor venous return. Swim !
Recommended. Swimming provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning and is a great low-impact exercise with a boatload of benefits.
Great exercise. Swimming during pregnancy allows for a wonderful low impact activity. Always remember to keep your heart rate at 140 beats per minute or below, so as not to take excessive blood flow away from the developing baby.