Is there any medicine for lumbar lordosis? Is this same with cancer?

Core strenghthenig. Sit ups pilates lumbar lordosis is a describtion of the shape of your spine normal backward curving to lumbar spine, if yours is generous its may be due to weak core muscle. The cancer reference i dont understand the question.
Medicines. Excessive lumbar lordosis is treated by physical therapy most commonly. Each type of cancer is treated differently. For some the treatment is medicines, for others surgery or radiation. A combination of those three is used for others.

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Would losing weight help rid of lumbar lordosis?

Lumbar lordosis. Not necessarily. Your spine may be set in that position because it has been like that for years. In that case, losing weight may not correct it. It is possible, but probably not likely. Read more...

My x ray shows my lumbar lordosis is lost. What to do. I am in extreme pain?

Please get seen. Hi
If you are having extreme back pain, you need to see your doctor. If your bone structure is truly changing, you'll probably need more work up to see what is going on. Hope this helps. Read more...

Can I hit the gym? I have lumbar lordosis with a mild disc bulge and what exercises can I do in the gym.

Low back pain. Isometric exercises that strength core muscle groups are the best. Try working with a personal trainer to help avoid further injury. Common sense will dictate that if a particular exercise makes the pain worse then discontinue that aspect of the exercise program. Read more...