Related Questions

Would a yeast infection turn my urine green? And make my vagina sore to use the bathroom?

Green. A yeast infection will not turn your urine green and causes intense vaginal itching. Be examined and submit a urine sample. All the best.

Irritated vagina redish and dry occasional burning itchhyness but never during urination 2 days? Yeast infection? I shaved and had sex?

Hard to tell. But if you develop white "cottage cheese" type discharge, yes, that would be typical symptoms. Get to a doctor for more precise diagnosis.

Could a yeast infection cause canchre sores near the opening of the vagina and blood streaks when wiping? Feel really raw. No burning urination

Usually not. You are describing herpes ulcerations. Need to be examined and therefore treated. If true, you are infectious to you sex partner until treated and resolved.
Doubtful, see pc. There are several possibilities, but yeast is not the most likely. Best to see your PC or gynecologist foe exam.