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Have had severe pain in my back x4 days that is worsening. Ct shows 3mm bulge at l5-s1 & radiologist noted hydronephrosis in r kidney? What. Can I do for the back pain that is natural? Movement worsens pain.

Therapy. I would say physical therapy and possibly manual manipulation therapy. Manila decompression can be good option as well. If back pain is from the spine then in your age group disc pain is high on the list. If recent trauma or car accident can also consider ligament injury of facet joints. Would have urinary system evaluated to look for obstruction. Can consider urine analysis also. Yoga also.
Needs further eval. The hydronephrosis may or may not be related to your pain. A passing kidney stone could cause this. In either case, it needs to be evaluated further with a ct scan to see what is causing the hydro.

Severe back pain x5 days that is getting worse. Paun started after lumbar puncture 12/24. Ct result= 3mm bulge l5-s1 & hydronephrosis r kidney larger than left. W/ worsening pain at what point do I go back to see my dr?

Now.. This may not be true back pain with those findings seen in terms of the kidney and the ureter with the hydronephrosis. It could be referred pain from an obstructing kidney stone or other issue. You need to get this worked up further with your doctor possibly including further tests like an ivp or intravenous pyleogram.

Have had severe back pain x5 days that is getting worse. At what point do I go back to my dr. Ct scan says 3 mm bulge at l5-s1 and hydronephrosis r kidney larger than left. Had lumbar puncture on 12/24.?

Unrelated. I am a kidney doctor. Back pain likely from disc bulge. Hydronephrosis on both sides is from blockage. It means your kidneys are unable to drain urine. You may need to see a kidney doctor (nephrologist) or urologist for this. Back pain will also need help from internal medicine doctor.

Just got a copy of my CT scan that was done on 12/26/12, in addition to the hydronephrosis that was found (waiting for urology referal to be finalized) they also found a 3mm bulge seen at l5-s1. What does this mean and do I need to ask my dr about this as

Do you have pain? If you have no back pain, then no. The nejm did a study of 1000 people without back pain and found ~38% had disc abnormailities on mri. Your hydronephrosis should be addressed first.
Yes. Not only do you need to see your urologist, but you should also see a back specialist (neurosurgeon) to evaluate the relevance of this ct scan finding in your back maybe incidental finding or something not normal. Do you have pain, does it radiate? This and more questions need to be answered while yourself being examined to have a working diagnosis and treatment plan.