Wat is lymphoproliferative disorder actually lymphoma or leukemia I m confused?

It is confusing... Lymphoproliferative disorder (ld) is comprised of white blood cells that grow in a unregulated way (like leukemia or lymphoma), but instead of coming from one cell originally with cancerous mutations (called clonal), the cells that grow come from many individual cells (termed polyclonal). It is more a disorder of regulation, and can be seen in someone after organ transplant on immunosupression.
The pathologist may. Diagnose a "lymphoproliferative disorder" to alert the clinicians to a need for more data to make the diagnosis of a lymphoma or leukemia. Ie a more generic term requiring more work-up or testing.

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I have chronic lymphoproliferative disorder w/cll vs follicular lymphoma. Is it safe to get a shingles vaccination?

Probably. The degree of immunosuppression the average patient with cll has isn't bad enough to worry about getting disseminated zoster infections from the vaccine, but your physicians know your particular condition and how healthy or sick your immune system is. Ask them, especially your oncologist. Read more...