Are there any over-the-counter medications MS vitamins that help with alcohol withdrawal and seizure prevention?

Under Supervision. Withdrawal from alcohol should be taken quite seriously. If one has been drinking sufficient quantities of alcohol, there is a risk of severe withdrawal symptoms including seizures and even death. In such situations, there are no vitamins or over-the-counter supplements that can prevent such symptoms. Withdrawal alcohol, only under the supervision of a physician who understands the dangers.
Yes there are... During withdrawal from drugs or alcohol the brain and the body go through a period of intense rebuilding and repair. Key ingredients include anti-oxidants (vitamin c), Amino Acids (protein drinks), vitamins (b1, 5, 6, 12), and minerals (magnesium, calcium, etc.). Seizure prevention is only possible with prescription medicines from the physician supervising your detox.
Not really. I am not aware of any over the counter remedies to seizure prevention in the setting of alcohol withdrawal. Sorry.
Alcohol withdrawal. No you really need to see your physician for treatment as alcohol withdrawal may be dangerous to your health.