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Been having pregnancy signs & spotting brown discharge a while b4 period is suppose 2 come. I'm sexually active and don't remember date of last period?

Check now!! Get a pregnancy test asap and follow directions to check. If negative, check again in 2 weeks if you still haven't had a period. If positive, see a doctor right away. Hopefully you're using condoms and good birth control too.

Do you think I could be pregnant? I am 17 years old and recently became sexually active in october, where my period was late and came the 30th. Since then, I have gotten my period on november 27th and december 25th. My last period had red bloot and big re

Symptoms. Symptoms of pregnancy can include breast enlargement and tenderness, nausea, fatigue and lack of a period. Even without ejaculation, there is a small concentration of semen in pre-ejaculate. A condom is a good form of protection but is not 100% effective. I see this question was submitted two days ago. If haven't started your period, I suggest you take a home pregnancy test.

Is there a chance I could be pregnant or is there a more serious problem.? I am 19 years old and I am sexually active. My last period was 11-29-11. My periods are usually accompanied cramps, vomiting, and I sometimes have to be hospitalized due to extre

You. You need to be seen by a gynecologist and have a complete evaluation. You need to have a pregnancy test, possibly a blood test, and you should be screened for an std. Please be seen immediately and be evaluated. If you have pain, vomiting, or light-headedness/fainting, then you would need to be seen as an emergency.

My last period was on nov 11, and I was due for it again dec 9. But I didn't. Wasn't sexually active till dec 21. But he didn't cum inside. Pregnant?):

"Cum and go" Sperm can escape the penis into the vagina without "cumming" and you will be "going" to get pregnant. The myth of a lack of ejaculation is an age old male persuasive argument for "irresponsibility" in sex relationships. Do a pregnancy test and if negative utilize the female "smarts" to use contraception every time there is an encounter.

Pink discharge for a few days now since my last period 2 weeks ago, which is new. I am sexually active an do not use protection. Could I be pregnant?

Discharge. Seems to be some spotting, it can be a benign mid cycle spotting, but it may also be a sign of pregnancy. Please check first and if not pregnant, then observe for another few weeks.

My last period was on November 4. I am sexually active and have not been using protection. It is now December 11 and I had a light brown spot when I wiped. I didn't take a pregnancy test yet... But is it possible that I am pregnant?

Yes it is possible. If you missed your period and only had light brown spot when wiped. It is possible that you may be pregnant if you have been having unprotected sex. Do a home pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant. Or consult your doctor and get the test done.

I'm a week late. Me and my fiance are very sexually active. Last period was may 27th and lasted 5 days. All tests were negative but 1. Am I pregnant?

Pregnancy Testing. If you have tested more than once it is very unlikely statistically to have more than one false negative. If you are not pregnant then it may be wise to get to the gynecologist's to find out why your period is delayed.