What are the best ways to baby proof my house?

Get on all fours. Get down to their level and while on all fours, go through your entire house preferably several people should do this. As previously stated lock up just about everything that the child could get their hands into. Remember drapes, electric cords, tv sets and audio equipment that could topple over, pull cord for window blinds, etc. Remember to: lock, cover, protect and discard.
Pool Stairs Caustics. Gates along the bottom of stairs that are sturdy are a must. Toilet covers, door locks, and locks to drawers need to be in place. Remember the garage! everything out there is toxic! gas cans, pesticides, bug sprays, and windshield wiper fluid are all deadly to a toddler. In the home be sure and put cleaners in a high locked cabinet. I recommend removing drano from the home entirely!