I kissed my bf and gave oral sex briefly 5 days after my cold sore healed. I woke up the next day with prodrome and now have a new sore. What are the %risk to transmit to oral and/or genital hsv1?

Depends. If you have herpes type 1, your boyfriend is probably already infected as most adults are. If you want to know there is a blood test.Most infected people have no symptoms. Those who have symptoms are contagious between attacks but more contagious at the onset of an attack. Pills are used to control symptoms and reduce transmission of the virus. You need a prescription.
VERY HIGH. New prodrome likely from trauma to lips but may be unrelated, coincidental. The risk of infection to your sexual partner can be high during an outbreak, but some suggest that 95% of infected people will shed the hsv virus-even between outbreaks, while others suggest the risk is low. Soapbox: practice safe sex, use a condom/dam and inform your partner(s). It’s their life you may affect and infect.
See below. The risk for transmitting if he does not already have hsv _ which he might already - is about 80%.

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Dr my bf doesn't have hsv1 but we kissed and he did oral sex on me and an hour later I had a cold sore (red hot)on lip. Will I have hsv on genitals now?

No risk, no worries. If I understand, you're asking if your own oral HSV1 could be transferred to your genital area by your partner kissing you then carrying the virus to your genital area when he performed oral sex. The answer is no. People are highly resistant to new infection with the same HSV type they already have, anywhere on the body. You'll never get HSV1 in the genital area or anywhere other than your mouth. Read more...