My dream since I was 5 to be a bronc rider but since I have had almost nonstop difficulty with my leg that I broke when I was 4 should I give it up?

Like an elite athlet. Im sure if this is what you want that it is not something you plan to start next year, im sure there are junior compettitions and that athletes just dont walk in de novo at age 22 and say im ready to do this. Thus if you are seriuos you likley have tried it at some level. Any physical competitive sport needs medical exam and clearance whether it is your leg or heart, you need talk to your own doc!
RISKS OF THE JOB. Orthopedic injuries are not uncommon in the rodeo arena participants. I'd seek the opinion of an experienced sports medicine orthopedic specialist. Such a physician could guide you in your decision to pursue your dream. I hate to see anyone give up their dreams, so good luck.