What is the purpose of talk therapy?

Talk Therapy. To help a person uncover the causes of their distress and to help a person develop better ways of coping so that he or she may lead a balanced life. Medications can help but lasting change usually takes place when a person unlearns certain negative patterns and replaces them with constructive ways of thinking and behaving. Best.
Partnership. Psychotherapy is an interpersonal experience between yourself and your therapist; it is a partnership. The therapist listens to whatever it is that is on your mind, and with empathic, thoughtful questioning over time assists you in being able to experience yourself and the external environment differently than prior to coming to therapy.
Therapy. There are many types. They have different strategies. Some help you gain insight into why you may have certain behaviors, others offer ways to correct maladaptive behaviors. The common theme is the use of interpersonal communication as the tool for gaining knowledge. In some cases, the therapy itself acts to guide a person towards experiencing change. Hard to describe briefly.