I saw the 1st psychiatrist yesterday for the anxiety attacks that I've had for 6 months. I would be monitored for 4 weeks and then a follow up. Any coping strategies? I'm very stressed out.

See psychotherapist. You need an individualized treatment plan involving a number of components best determined by a therapist and psychiatrist working together on your behalf. Much depends upon the type of anxiety you have. It is common to have more than one type at the same time. They will advise you about diet, nutrition, exercise, meditation, spirituality, and possibly yoga, acupuncture, controlling your anxious thought patterns, and proper sleep hygiene.
First step made! Seeing a psychiatrist is a very positive move in the right direction. He or she will help with coping strategies. Congratulations for making this important step!
Cognitive Triggers. Cassie, you are likely contributing to your experience of anxiety by thinking the way you think (like us all). Take some time to learn about cognitive/behavioral psychotherapy, and see how you create your feelings and can thereby also adjust them. Changing absolutistic, irrational beliefs into accepting and rational ones will instantly change the way you feel, including your feelings of anxiety.