Is it possible for add/adhd to contribute to infertility/hormone imbalances?

Not likely. The mechanisms that undergird adhd, are unrelated to the processes of infertility. Unless one considers distractibility during sexual intercourse. But that's a stretch.
Well, no, not really. Not directly no. However, if the adhd issues contribute greatly to daily stress, depression, anxiety etc, then this could affect over all ability to get pregnant, etc... Indirectly, but possible. Get help, get treated if necessary and live as well as you can with your issues.
No, but there are. genetic medical & neurodevelopmental disorders that have ADHD as part of their neurobehavioral profile & infertility, like Turner Syndrome in females and Klinefelter Syndrome in males. Such diagnoses are made clinically and confirmed by genetic tests, like Chromosomal Microarray.