5 months no period. Positive pregnancy test. But I don't feel pregnant. Not showing at all. Back in february I had a blighted ovum. Is it possible my?

YOU NEED TO SEE A GY. Gyn as you may have a another blighted ovum, or ectopic pregnancy, or rarely a molar pregnancy or other u need an exam, quantitative bhcg and CBC and other blood work, and a good pelvic ultrasound.

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I got a positive pregnancy test, but I have no symptoms. My last pregnancy was a blighted ovum (no pg symptoms) before that I miscarried from turner's syndrome (had pg symptoms) is this a bo again?

Symptoms not suggest. Early pregnancy symptoms can vary from patient to patient and from pregnancy to pregnancy. I suggest you get early medical attention for your pregnancy. A fetus can be seen very early with modern ultrasounds. If a fetus and a heart beat are seen then you don't have blighted ovum. As far as chromosomal abnormalities those can be detected by cvs or amniocentisis.
You can't tell. You cannot tell whether or not this is a blighted ovum just based on the presence or absence of pregnancy symptoms. May women will have more symptoms in one healthy pregnancy versus another healthy pregnancy. Your doctor can perform an ultrasound at 6-7 weeks that can confirm whether or not there is a properly developing pregnancy. Good luck!

In march 2013, I had d&c (abortion) due to blighted ovum. I am 36 days from my last period and my pregnancy test is negative. Please advice me.?

When was test done? Pregnancy is the most common cause of a missed period. If not pregnant, other causes of a late or missed period include: excessive weight loss or weight gain, increased exercising, emotional stress, having an illness, traveling, medicines (especially birth control pills), hormonal disorders, etc… a visit to one’s ob-gyn doctor is a good idea if symptoms are persistent, recurring, or worrisome.

Negative pregnancy test. 5days late period. Is it possible I have a blighted ovum?

Not necessarily. A missed period without pregnancy is not uncommon and a usual cause is anovulatory cycle.

I had chemical pregnancy, the next cycle my period is due for 4 days with negative pregnancy test. Should I worry? Could it be blighted ovum?

No and No. So you are implying that you are 4 days late for your period and with a negative pregnancy test. In this case, you will not have a blighted ovum, as this is a type of pregnancy where, while not normal, you will have a positive pregnancy test in most cases. It might be that your cycle is delayed related to the prior miscarriage.