When should I take my daughter on her first dentist appointment, she started having a tooth?

1 year old. The american academy of pediatric dentistry recommends at one year. I suggest a pediatric dentist as they have advanced training in treating small children.
Soon. When her teeth start coming in. A dentist can help parents get their children started on a lifetime of healthy teeth.
She is ready. The american academy of pediatric dentistry recommends that babies have their first visit to their pediatric dentist when they get their first tooth or by one years old. Many pediatric dental offices, like mine, do not charge for well baby dental visits up to 24 months old. This allows you and your child to get a good start on preventive dental care that will last a lifetime.
Sooner the better. The earlier your daughter gets comfortable with the dentist and oral hygiene, the better off she will be.
NOW! If your dentist not comfortable seeing infant, ask for referral to pediatric dental specialist.! st dental appt when 1st tooth erupts for exam, tooth and jaw development evaluation, Fluoride balance, diet suggestions, oral hygiene instructions, and so much more. And if you start now your child will know that dental visits are easy and fun. If you wit 'till 2-3 child may be resistant. So go now.