Could HIV and hepatits c amd other infections be located everywhere examples resturants, car peddles, clothing, bottom of shoes? Can cause infection?

Not likely. Hepatitis and HIV can live for a very short time outside of the body...But getting it from an inanimate object is unlikely.
Blood-borne only. Infections such as HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B are transmitted by exposure to infected blood and body fluids. HIV and Hepatitis C in particular do not survive outside of the body. Hepatitis B can survive for several days on such things as toothbrushes and razors. The other items that you mentioned are not places where these viruses could survive.
Infections. Different infections can be spread different ways. HIV can be spread though blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. HIV is therefore usually spread through sex, needles or during birth. The same is true of hepatitis C.
Not really. These infections are transmitted through blood and other body fluids coming into contact with mucous membranes or damaged tissue. Sexual contact, needles, or contact with body fluids are the main modes of transmission.
no. Transmitted through direct transfer of bodily fluids. If concerned see your dr.
No. These are blood/bodily liquid transferred viruses. You can not get them by touching clothing. However, if you share or accidentally stab yourself with a used infected needle then there is a chance they will transfer.