Wt does pregnant comp: anemia-antipartumcondution or prior complicated with conditionstatus-chronic mean?

Billing icd9 code. I suspect that you are reading a billing code that was submitted to your insurance company. The doctor is simply saying you have anemia during pregnancy. The icd9 code will read as you described on a computer generated submission to the insurance company. Silly but that is the way a claim must be submitted.
Anemia. This means that the person has anemia (low henoglobin in the blood), which is considered a complication of pregnancy, but they had it before the pregnancy, and it is chronic (longstanding without getting better or worse).
Nonsense. Together, nothing. Individual words; preg comp= preg complication. Anemia= low blood count. Antepartum=preg before delivery. Condution=?. Status-chronic= going on for greater than 6 months.