My partner has just come off oxycontin. But he has just been told he may have to go back on it unless he can find an alternative can you please help?

OxyContin. Need a lot more infor. If he is around ur age honestly that's a problem. Very few people without cancer "need oxycontin". What is his situation?
Alternatives. There are many other sustained release opioids besides oxycontin. Nucynta (tapentadol) er, Opana er, methadone, Duragesic and Exalgo plus several forms of morphine er are all options.
Many options. Depends on the kind of pain. In any case, there are many other long-acting opioids, many of which have less potential for abuse than Oxycontin - long acting morphine preparations (ms contin, kadian), long acting Oxymorphone (opana) and transdermal fentanyl patches (duragesic). There are many non-opioid and non-drug solutions to pain as well. Would need to really hear from partner to give advice.