Waht are the side affect of levothyroxine?

Thyroid meds = OK. Thyroid meds given at the proper dose will only leave you feeling well, and normal. If underdosed, you will still feel tired, cold, and may be overweight, with dry skin and brittle hair. If overdosed, you may have sweats, rapid irregular heart that may lead to heart failure and stroke (atrial fibrillation) and may even promote a silent disease, that thins out your bone (osteoporosis).
Levothyroxin effects. Side effects usually occur with overdosage and can include anxiety, tremor, rapid or heart beat, irregular, feeling too hot, jittery feelings, palpitations. This drup affects all the cells in the body and is related to the overall metabolism . It is important to obtain regular checkups when taking this drug. Take medication early in the am and do not eat for at least one hour.