My son has a red rash over his whole back he says its very itchy but no symptoms. He has had chicken pox. Kind regards danelle?

Rash Possibility. Is the rash raised or flat? Scaley or smooth? Does it feel like sandpaper? Again, a red, itchy rash is usually allergic or inflammatory, but hard to know without more description or a picture.

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My boyfriend has some red spots on his back and he says it's very itchy. But it's only on his back. Is it chicken pox?

Chickenpox Rash. A rash from chickenpox often occurs first on trunk (chest/back) ; then moves to face ; then extremities. The rash becomes blisters that itch. Blisters usually have all transformed into scabs in about a week. There are usually around 100 to 300 lesions (more on adults than small children). The rash could spread to mouth, eyelids ; genitalia. Read more...

My son has a rash went to er. It's a virus, no fever of other symptoms. Could it be chicken pox, been vaxed. Tips on making him comfortable? It's itchy

Treatments. Itchy rashes often respond to antihistamines like benadryl, (diphenhydramine) claritin, or zytec.Soothing baths with Oatmeal (including products like Aveeno) can also help.Avoid getting hot, or sweaty as that will aggravate itching. It is possible to get chicken pox (viral infection) despite the vaccine.See for chicken pox info. Read more...